Fuel theft alarm

At a time when fuel prices per 1 liter is over 1 Eur, thieves have found a lucrative way to earn extra money – stealing fuel from the vehicle’s fuel tanks. If the passenger car fuel tank is only up to 100 liters of fuel, the capacity of truck fuel tank is much higher. Often,  thieves gain of 800 or more liters of fuel, the company leads to loss of more than 1,000 eur.

Digital Systems has developed a unique solution to protect the fuel tank from fuel theft – fuel theft alarm system (Petrol theft alarm). The alarm system is connected to the vehicle’s original fuel sensor and / or the additionally installed fuel sensor.

How does it work?
Every time you turn off the vehicle’s ignition, fuel theft alarm system remembers the current level of the fuel tank. In case if fuel level drops, the fuel theft alarm becomes alarm mode – SMS text is sent to pre-programmed telephone numbers and activates a light/sound indication.

Main advantages of fuel theft alarm:
Works on all types of vehicles
Do not require additional fuel sensor installation
There is no need to make the fuel tank calibration.
Quick and easy to installation

Fuel theft alarm feature now is available in DSF21 and DSF22 monitoring devices.