DSF21 is the second generation of GPS/GSM monitoring terminal developed by Digital Systems, replacing older model DSF20. It is designed as a multifunction device that includes a combination of two different devices in one:

      • Real time GPS monitoring device with unique fuel control module
      • Fuel theft alarm (sends SMS alert in case of fuel theft)

Direct connetction to vehicle’s fuel sensor.

DSF21 have unique fuel control module with possibility connect to vehicle’s original fuel sensor. No matter – is it passenger car, commercial van, truck or tractor. If there is fuel sensor in the fuel tank, DSF21 can read it and provide accurate information about fuel level.

Fuel theft alarm.

Each time after vehicle’s ignition is switched off, DSF21 remembers actual fuel level in vehicle’s fuel tank. In case if fuel level drops, DSF21 will send SMS alert to predefined phone numbers and activates siren. Fuel theft alarm works with vehicle’s original fuel sensor, there is no need to install additional fuel sensors.

Fuel data procession.

DSF21 have built-in fuel data procession algorithm. Depending of vehicle usage, aquired fuel data will be processed, removing noises cause by fuel moving in the fuel tank. As result of data procession, DSF21 will send correct amount of fuel to monitoring server.

Main features.
  • Extra small size – only 67x45x18 mm
  • Real time tracking
  • Smart algorithm of data acquisition (time, speed, angle, special events)
  • Very low GPRS traffic usage
  • Protection against unlimited GPRS sessions
  • Supports GPS and GLONASS
  • GPS signal interruption alert
  • Large internal FLASH memory – stores up to 8000 km
  • Vehicle’s battery voltage monitor
  • Automatic ENGINE running detecting
  • Direct connection to vehicle’s standard fuel sensor
  • Fuel Theft alarm function
  • Unique fuel data procession algorithm
Documents for download.