DSF10 is latest model of monitoring terminal developed by Digital Systems. Today it is smallest monitoring terminal in the market, however list of included features,  device reliability and low price makes best for most applications. Recommended applications is:

      • Real time GPS monitoring device with fuel control
      • Vehicle security system with engine cut-off possibility
      • Remote control (activate vehicle’s equipment remotely)

Ignition imitation
In some vehicles (tractors, lawnmowers or construction machines) ignition line is not available, that makes impossible to monitor equipment usage or calculate engine hours. DSF10 have ignition imitation feature, that imitates status of vehicle ignition based on vehicle’s on-board voltage.

Engine running detector.
DSF10 can recognize status of vehicle’s engine – whether it’s working or no. This feature helps to prevent situations when employees are trying to simulate usage of vehicle by switching ignition on without starting vehicle’s engine.

Universal pin
DSF10 have one universal (multipurpose) pin, can be configured as analog input (0-30V), digital input or digital output.

Main features.
  • Extra small size – only 49x34x19 mm
  • Real time tracking with fuel an ignition monitoring
  • Smart algorithm of data acquisition (time, speed, angle, special events)
  • Very low GPRS traffic usage
  • Low power consumption – only 34mA @ 12V
  • Power disconnection register
  • Protection against unlimited GPRS sessions
  • Supports GPS and GLONASS
  • Supports positioning based on GSM cells
  • Universal pin (Alog/digital input or digital output)
  • Ignition simulation by on-board voltage
  • Large internal FLASH memory – stores up to 8000 km
  • Automatic ENGINE running detecting
Documents for download.