Direct connection

The major task of GPS monitoring equipment is reduce the costs of company’s fleet and increase efficiency. A very important role in this task takes control of the fuel, as it constitutes a major costs of fleet.

Today, it the market, we can find several, great fuel control solutions, such as additional capacitance fuel sensors, CAN bus modules, providing option to read data from vehicle as well as the fuel flow meters. Although there are many solutions, however, the are lot of vehicles in which none of the proposed solutions is suitable. As an example, passenger cars, commercial vans, tractors and construction machinery – for some it is technically impossible to install additional fuel sensor, but for others there are no CAN bus to read fuel data. All attempts to obtain fuel information ends unsuccessfully, time spent and frustrated customer.

Digital Systems developed a unique solution to read fuel information, and this solution is perfectly suitable for type all vehicles. No matter whether it is a passenger car, commercial van or tractor  – if there are original fuel sensor in the fuel tank (and 99% of cases it is), then this solution will make it possible to obtain fuel data. Even more – fuel information will also be available when the vehicle’s engine is not running (ignition off).

How does it work?
We use the original vehicle’s fuel sensor for obtaining fuel information. By connecting our equipment to the vehicle’s fuel sensor, the system is able to perform all the necessary measurements without disturbing the car electronics, causing conflicts and not triggering Diagnostic trouble codes. In case if the vehicle’s ignition is off and the fuel sensor is not power supplied,  our device delivers necessary power to fuel sensor and it allows get information of fuel even ignition is switched off.

Main advantages:

Fully compatible with all type of vehicles
Quick and easy installation
No need to install additional fuel sensors or CAN bus modules
Accurate fuel information (depends on condition of vehicle’s fuel sensor)
Fuel information available even ignition off
Possibility to protect against theft of fuel (Fuel theft alarm feature)

This solution now is available in DSF21 and DSF22 monitoring devices.